Mango Butter Braid  & Twist Cream

Mango Butter Braid & Twist Cream

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Thick, curly, coarse hair is beautiful. However finding the right product for styling, nurturing, and maintaining this hair can be exhausting. The Mango Butter Braid and Twisting Cream is certainly the product you should grab to unleash the Super Naturalista in you! It's a unique blend of double melted triple whipped mango butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, and essential oils sourced naturally to care for your hair styling needs. The sublimely smooth and lightweight stunner is perfect for braids, locs, twists, and twist-outs as it makes the hair smooth, reduces frizz, provides extra moisture and shine. What’s more? You can Utilize this cream as a leave-in as it helps regenerate your scalp and eases dandruff, parched skin, etc while promoting growth all year round. It especially battles brittle ends in winter. The cream traverses each hair strand defining and softening your natural curls and aiding a great deal in detangling. Bye-bye to bad hair days!


• Sweet Scented

• Hand Made

• Organic

• Convenient Packaging

ALLERGEN WARNING: This product may contain nut and seed oils or gluten. Please read the ingredients before purchasing.