Complete Self Care Bundle

Complete Self Care Bundle

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Self-care is for everyone. After all, life is as stressful as it comes. Little luxuries like our lush, natural, handmade self-care kit are the beauties to hold on to. This detail-oriented medley of must-haves is sure to be your go-to kit for a breezy day. Start right with our raw Whipped Mango Body Butter which melts effortlessly into your skin providing nourishment and maintaining hydration. Or better still opt for the divinely ‘Scentual’ Pink Sugar or Amber White Body Butters for the perfect fragrant undertones. Whatever the mood, you most certainly get a pervasive glow on the go. The pink sugar and amber white body oils are also ever ready to take you the extra mile in giving you a classy signature ambiance. Wait a second! What's royalty without a crown? Nurture your hair with the Mango Butter Hair Cream and Restorative Hair elixir, a perfect combination for healthy hair growth.

After a hard day’s work find an escape. Let the pink sugar shower gel take care of you. It lathers and cleanses your body while you mellow out as it gently caresses your being. Life may not be perfect but your hair and skin can. Just envision your skin and hair on fleek? Not even chaos can touch that!



• Adorable Packaging

• Convenient and Travel Ready

• Natural Product, Handmade

• Long Lasting Freshness


What’s Included in the Self Care Bundle:

4 oz. Pink Sugar Body Butter
8 oz. Pink Sugar Shower Gel
1/3 oz. Pink Sugar Body Oil
4 oz. Amber White Body Butter
1/3 oz. Amber White Body oil
4 oz. Raw whipped Mango Butter
4 oz. Mango Butter Hair Cream
8 oz. Restorative Hair Elixir

*** Product(s) may melt during the summer months especially if left out in the sun. If this happens the simply sit the oils on a counter or place in the refrigerator to re-solidify.***